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General Anaesthesia

A small plastic tube (cannula) will be placed into a vein on the back of your hand, wrist or in your arm and following a few breaths of oxygen, you will drift off to sleep. You are put into a state of unconsciousness and you will be unaware of anything during your operation. Your anaesthetist achieves this by giving you a combination of medicines. While you are unconscious your Consultant anaesthetist remains with you at all times, monitoring your condition. They will give you pain relief and may perform a regional block. Your surgeon may also give you local anaesthetic around the area where they are operating to reduce your discomfort when you wake up.

After your surgeon has completed the procedure, you will be taken to recovery where you will wake up in the presence of one of our trained recovery staff.

General anaesthesia works well for most people. Whilst we use the most advanced anaesthetic agents and analgesics, it can leave you with a sore throat for a few days and may be associated with nausea and feeling drowsy afterwards.

For patients with significant health problems, we may choose to admit you to our High Dependency Unit after your procedure for observation. Your anaesthetist will discuss this with you on the day.

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