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Local Anaesthesia

With local anaesthesia the local anaesthetic medicine is injected into the skin and tissues at the site of the operation. Local anaesthesia is used for minor operations and may be given by your surgeon.

Sedation for Medical and Surgical Procedures

Sedation involves the administration of medicines which reduces anxiety, makes you sleepy but avoids a general anaesthetic. Whilst sedated you will be closely monitored by your anaesthetist and your level of sedation controlled for your comfort. Examples of procedures commonly performed under sedation include: gastroscopy, colonoscopy, facet joint injections, caudal and lumbar epidurals. Sedation allows you to undergo these procedures in comfort. Most often, patients hardly remember anything about the procedure.

Sedation is also commonly used during hip and knee surgery which is being performed under a spinal anaesthetic.

Further information is published by The Royal College of Anaesthetists and The Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland at the following website

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